All before noon…

1. Woke up to a mosque’s call to prayer

2. Convinced 2 guys that discussing my weight is not an appropriate topic of conversation

3. Picked mangoes from a tree in my yard

4. Shook some eggs at market to see if they’re rotten

5. Ran from a crazy (or drunk?) guy asking for money

6. Recieved two limes as a gift from a farmer

7. Sat down with locals for a cup of fresh-roasted coffee

8. Planned a life skills training for a local Anti-AIDS club

9. Shooed a cow out of my yard

10. Wrote a blog entry on the craziness of life here


2 responses to “All before noon…

  1. Impressive! Doesn’t sound boring over there 😉 Love ya!

  2. All Before April

    1. Sarah visited and didn’t even bother to go into the city. She fixed my gardens and hung out with friends, without even using the car — which is good because it is dead

    2. Jeanette and Mike had their baby boy, Liam, which should have been named John after the guy responsible for the two of them getting together.

    3. Made plans to go to lunch Monday with Rachel, the 7th or 8th au pair.

    4. Heard from Megan — au pair #4 (or so) — who wants to get together in the city.

    5. Went to a dance performance with Kate (#12 out of 13). She had to tell me if I liked each of the dances. She said I did.

    6. Went to dinner with a friend named Christine and then went to see War Horse. Later found out she didn’t have $5 in her pocket to buy something from a street vendor. How could someone not have $5 in their pocket in NYC? In Ethiopia — sure.

    7. Have a bunch of meetings over next couple week that could give me a lot more work and complicate my simple life. Wonder why I’m trying to get this done.
    8. Stink bugs are all around the house. Not as bad as fleas, admittedly. But this isn’t Ethiopia.
    9. Trying to get Daisy, our new dog, to acquire a taste for stink bugs. So far, no good.
    10. It sounds like you are having an experience. That’s what writers need. Good luck. John

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